All You Need to Know About Medical Laundry Service

Building and maintaining trust in your facility's operations and its future is as important as the care and recovery of the patients you are treating within it.

To keep your hospital or clinic meeting high standards regarding cleanliness and regulations, it is a good idea to have a medical linen and laundry service which has been certified from a third party.

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This will give your hospital or private practice a competitive advantage over other services that are not and will demonstrate your commitment to protecting your patients and their visitors.

Linens that are regulated will be able to promote and inspire confidence in those whom it matters to the most since laundry can be a top culprit for harboring disease-inducing bacteria and pathogens.

Laundry services do not always do everything they can to help prevent the spread of harmful bacteria, which is why it is always beneficial to use certified professional services.

Benefits of Working with a Certified Hospital Laundry Service

  • There is a decrease in the possibility of laundered goods being a source of bacterial infection.
  • Certifications are a mark of the mastery of washing, removing wrinkles, drying and ironing, and all of this occurs in the most environmentally friendly manner, leading to extremely hygienic product outputs.
  • A laundry service that has taken the trouble to obtain a certification or accreditation usually places very high importance on quality, customer care, and satisfaction.
  • You can have peace of mind that always stems from the knowledge that the textile provider chosen is conforming with the best practices for processing healthcare laundry in the industry, including very strict adherence to federal government stipulations, regulations and guidelines.