How Audio-Video Splitter Works

Separate Video cable is called S-Video cable is an analog video signal that’s used to carry video information as two distinct signals namely luminance and color. This cable differs from the composite video that’s used to transmit picture information as a single lower quality signal. Additionally, it is different from the part video which conveys picture information as three high-quality signs.

The standard definition movie is carried by the S-Video cable however, it doesn’t carry the audio signal on the exact same cable. These cables are used to Split audio and video on multiple computers, learn more about them at 4-Port VGA Splitter with Audio.

audio video splitter

The most common sort of S-Video connector is 4-pin mini-DIN connector. Some other S-Video connectors incorporate 7-pin locking dub connectors that are used on specialist S-VHS machines and the double “Y” and “C” BNC connectors are used for S-Video patch bays. The simple fact is though the connectors are different; the Y/C signals for various kinds are compatible. The S-Video cable isn’t acceptable for high definition video signals because of lack of bandwidth.

S-Video cable is popular across the world. The conversion of the cable into the composite signal is simple so, many retailers of digital products offer converter adapters for signal conversion.