Brief About Tax Audits In Special Cases

In some cases regarding issues or information that need to be immediately verified it is necessary to make a special visit to the local tax office where the taxpayer has registered one of the branches.You can email at Info@Highburytaxsolutions.Com  to know more about tax audits.

In a similar case, the head of the section marks the audit request as urgent and a copy of this request is stored in the taxpayer's file. The tax audit will not be closed unless an answer has been received.

Taxpayer Registration

In VAT registration, tax office forces a certain taxpayer to register, this taxpayer is selected for audit and his file is received by the audit section after the taxpayer has been selected for audit by the registration section.

If the automatic audit program is in use, after the data are received, they should be entered in this automatic audit program and registered as a manually selected audit.

If the audit starts, during the audit it is necessary to take all the data about the registration of the audited taxpayer. Such data are entered in the request for registration form and the taxpayer is asked to accept the registration and sign the form. In case the taxpayer refuses to sign the form, the form is stored as information about the taxpayer.