Bungee Jumping- Macau Tower

One of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, Macau welcomed everyone – solo travelers, families and honeymooners. You can spend time at the beach, try your luck at the casino, challenge your endurance involved in a variety of adventure activities, and of course exploring the history and legends that this place has to tell.

The most prominent structure in Macau, Macau Tower is 338 meters tall structure, built by Gordan Moller. In addition to the observation deck from which you can enjoy the stunning scenery of the city, the Macau Tower has a cinema, cafe and adventure zone. 

It is also the world’s highest bungee jumping; we can definitely say this is not for the faint heart. October to December is the best time to visit Macau. During this time the weather remains pleasant, which allows tourists to enjoy the different tours and activities. 

This is also the peak season, so make sure that you book tickets and accommodation well in advance. The time not to visit Macau is May to September, due to the heat and rainfall.  

However, times of the day is usually hot, so you can always head out at night. It is also not bad, plus you can enjoy discount rates and low costs if you are lucky.