Commercial Applications Of Solar Hot Water System

An efficient commercial solar heating system can provide around 80% of the hot water for an ordinary business which relies on gas or electricity to create their hot water supply.

An 80% cost reduction in any area may have a significant effect on the bottom line of any company, particularly when the current economic climate is taken under account.

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Any firm contemplating switching from their current energy provider into a solar-based energy distribution should choose which kind of solar energy solution best suits their business’s solar heating requirements. While there are lots of systems to select from, the most effective and economical alternative is the parabolic-dish solar concentrator.

As the most effective sort of solar collector available on the market today, the compact size and higher efficiency of a parabolic-dish solar concentrator, together with its relatively low cost in comparison to other alternatives, makes this specific system ideal for installation in commercial installations.

The relatively compact footprint and ease of setup (some systems, such as SolarBeam Concentrator, takes only two days to completely install) mean it can be sited in areas with limited space, like rooftops (just flat roofs) and tiny plots of land adjacent to buildings.