How to Pack your Bags for a Trip to Staying in a Hostel?


Packing before your travel seems to be a daunting task. Some are smart enough to know exactly the kind of items to bring along while others have got no clue or aren’t much fond of packing. Packing your bags for a hostel is a little different yet not hard to understand. These are a few handy items you should bring along with the usual entertainment items to keep you entertained.

  1. A Padlock – Although hostels provide lockers to each and every guest for their items, you still need to ensure the safety of the items. Moreover, there are times where you may not get a locker due to the lockers being full during the peak season. Try getting a padlock that fits your bag and has a number locking mechanism.
  2. A Dry Towel – Often times, amateur travelers bring along a large towel inside their luggage. This becomes a problem because a large towel takes more space and somehow not required. In fact, hostels offer clean bedding items along with towels. If you wish to bring your own, then get a small towel that dries quickly.
  3. Earplugs and Facemasks to Sleep – Since travelers keep checking in and out of the hostel, it becomes quite noisy. If you wish to sleep or remain undisturbed while working, then get yourself earplugs and facemasks. These items should do the trick.
  4. Toiletries – Your toiletry should include your own pocket-size shampoo bottle, sunscreen, deodorant, and other beauty care products.

These are the items you should always include while traveling to Krabi hostels.