Important Hair Cutting Tools For Every Hair Stylist

Haircutting tools are the most important aspect for each professional hairdresser. Now, these hair cutting tools play an important role in the hairdressing business. Because of the availability of these tools can offer you professional hairdressers wow look you have always expected. hair cutting tools have different types of elements, which are very important for hair. Few of these have been mentioned below:

Apron: It is used to protect your clothes from hair dust. Different types of hair cutting apron and capes are available online. You can order for custom apron also at with a logo of your own brand on it. 

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Scissors: It is the first element for professionals to design the hair of the individual. scissors have two blades, and the blades are equally balanced, smooth and sharp at the tip and at the end.

Section Clips: These are used for clipping the hair at the time of the cut.

Combs: They have wide and narrow spaces at least one edge, and more talk about the other side. Professional thumb and forefinger are used to hold the comb.

Thinning scissors: These scissors have single and double blades, and it is entirely based on the amount of thinning necessary. These scissors are almost looking like hair cutting scissors.

Razors: You can find two types of razors, it is used to wipe the hair neck and another person is in use for hair tapered edges in the cut surface.

Types of hair scissors

Scissors – scissors to cut the hair and hair scissors are straight-edged hair cutting tools.

Thinning scissors – thinning scissors was used to thin and mix your hair without damaging your hair.

They also remove 50% of the mass of hair. Thinning shears are also on the right edge of blade and comb should like the appearance of the teeth of the name.

Texturing Scissors – Scissors texturing was used to add style and texture to them & remove about 20% of the mass of hair.

Lefty Scissors – Scissors Lefty are all made for left-handed stylists.