Is it a risk to invest money in dinar & dong?

Forex means foreign currency exchange, which means that foreign countries will be involved in this market every day. In fact, over ninety countries currently trade on currencies. You might be surprised to know that one of them countries is Iraq. If you do research online, then you'll certainly see hundreds of sites and articles about Iraqi currency. You can trade Vietnamese dong via and many other sites online.

These sites promote the theory that the Iraqi currency – the dinar has a small price so it might be easily purchased in bulk. Owning such large quantities of dinar means that even a little increase in value of dinar could provide its owner with a large amount of profits.

But forex traders should be cautious of these sites for numerous reasons. The first reason is that there is no evidence that the value of the dinar might increase any time soon. There are no long term trends or indicators that will make sure that investment in a currency is safe.

Another reason is that the Iraqi government is still fragile. There is no established market or brokers for Iraqi dinar. The lack of organization means that the currency is often more difficult to exchange than other types of currency.