Learn Why Compound Exercises May Be The Ticket To Get Abs After 40

If you've ever spent a few months doing abs exercises on a regular schedule, you likely realized just how ineffective core work is for getting six pack abs. Just about every day we see a new product being launched on the internet that promises a new revolutionary abs workout that'll get you a ripped mid section if you just stick to the workout plan for a few weeks.

Of course, these six pack abs workout plans rarely utilize compound workouts, because that's a hard sell. Nowadays it seems people just want results without having to put in any real work, so if a sleazy sales man has the opportunity to pitch someone a load of boloney he'll take every shot he gets. They say that a suckers born every minute, and it's the suckers falling for these easy-peasy abs workout plans that simply don't work. Mark Mcilyar on the other hand isn't afraid to tell men what they need to do to get abs after 40. Right off the bat, Mark starts off his fitness program telling older guys exactly what they need to do to get 6 pack abs – compound exercises.

Mcilyar points out the obvious flaws of almost all other workout programs and goes on to explain what makes compound workouts so much more effective for building muscle and burning fat. If you've fallen victim to an ineffective workout plan you might want to get more details on the Abs After 40 workout by Mark Mcilyar and see if he's barking up the right tree for you. It's obvious that compound exercises are more difficult, but it's also obvious that these workouts are way more efficient and effective for helping men get abs after 40. Don't waste your time doing easy abs workouts if you actually want to get six pack abs, focus on what the science has proven to work time and time again – compound exercises.