Overview Of Commercial Locksmith Services

Although a locksmith does more or less the same work regardless of the area in which he works, commercial locksmiths must assume additional responsibility because of the need to protect personal and confidential information in the workplace. More than repairing, replacing and recording keys, they work to improve security measures in commercial businesses.

Operations Area

As stated above, the main point of difference between 24/7 Lockout Service or in this case cellphone locksmiths is the area in which they work. Unlike them, commercial locksmiths only work with businesses. It could be large companies, government offices, hospitals, restaurants, retail stores and schools, among others. But the training program is the same. They may or may not attend a call from a residential customer or request for a locksmith service regarding cars. It depends on whether they work independently or for a company.

Typical Tasks

Install a new key –
This is the key responsibility of the locksmith. This involves installing new indoor and outdoor locks. This also includes installing keys without keys and keys. Keyless entry systems include Biometrics, card access systems and Mag keys.

Locksmith also helps you in case of layoffs and dismissal of employees. When a business terminates an employee, the employee may refuse to return the key in revenge. In such an event, a business will be asked to reinstall all keys in the office.

Repair and record existing keys –
Broken locks need to be repaired on time, especially in commercial and business centres. Natural wear can cause key damage. This also involves extracting the key that is stuck on the key. Rekeying is another important procedure performed by commercial locksmiths. This involves changing the internal tumbler. This is as good as installing a new key because the old key cannot be used to operate it.

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Duplicate keys –
A commercial locksmith might also be useful during a lockout. They can open the door for you by duplicating the key. Business owners can also request a backup set if the key is misplaced.

On-site security system –
Commercial locksmith companies can be very helpful in terms of installing security and monitoring systems at your business premises. Security needs vary from company to company. A professional locksmith evaluates the security needs of the company and thus eliminates the conjecture. They evaluate security objectives, indoor and outdoor areas that require monitoring and other special security requirements. Based on an evaluation, this locksmith company designs a security system that best suits your needs and budget. This includes CCTV security camera systems and video surveillance.