Physiotherapy Can Tune Your Body

Physiotherapy or physical therapy is a treatment for patients who experience limited movement, strength or function in an area of their body. Patients may experience this limitation as a result of injury, accident, or may have limitations from birth. Physiotherapy can help restore movement, and improve the quality of life of patients.

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Nearly everyone can benefit from physiotherapy at some time in their lives. Daily life is very difficult for our bodies, we continue to test it with sports and work activities, and sometimes suffer injuries through no fault of our own, as in the case of a car accident. Visit and get to know more about physiotherapy in Calgary.

A qualified physiotherapist can help you recover from an injury or just help ease your pain and bring you more movement in terms of medical conditions such as cerebral palsy or after a stroke. He will assess you to determine what the problem is, take a medical history, and explain to you what is needed for recovery.

Diagnostic tests such as x-rays or MRI may be needed to determine the nature of the condition. Next is the treatment plan, which involves your physiotherapist and you, because he will most likely give you some exercises to do at home to help you recover and speed up the healing process.

Some treatment options for physiotherapy are exercise programs aimed at specific conditions and the ability and lifestyle of the patient, massage, hot packs or ice to help deal with pain and reduce inflammation, retrain muscles, and joint manipulation and/or mobilization to help get back movement in the affected area.

Another example where physiotherapy can be played is post-surgery. Postoperative patients who have undergone surgery for fractures or joint replacement may need help in re-learning how to use limbs or joints, and physiotherapy can help. In the case of amputations, physiotherapy can help patients learn how to live together and utilize new prosthetic limbs.