Questions to Ask an Electricians


Since electrical problems are among the leading causes of house fires, hiring the right electrician can be as much a matter of safety as getting your money’s worth.

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Asking the below questions will help you find a licensed pro with the right experience and business practices for your need.

Question #1: Are you currently licensed? In most states, electricians should be licensed.

There are two fundamental degrees of permit:  A master plumber with at least 2 decades of skilled expertise is accredited for both installation and design of electric components, ii) an electrician with over two decades of expertise is licensed for setup only. Before you check the permit, jot down your own requirements.

Question #2: Do you have liability insurance? Electric contractors should take at least $500,000 in liability and worker’s compensation insurance.

Question #3: Would you give a list of references? It is challenging to judge the quality of a plumber’s job, although his years of expertise. Thus, it’s suggested to inquire at least three references. An experienced and reputed electrician will give you references with no hesitation.

Question #4: Who would get the license? A license ensures electrical work will probably be assessed by a city inspector. Every electrician should hold their license if they request that you pull the license; it’s a red flag that the electrician does not have the necessary permissions to perform the job.