Stainless Steel Pipe Standards

The allocation of the scale isn’t greater than 150mm nominal diameter thin-walled stainless steel pipe requirements, test techniques, inspection principles and signs, packaging, storage, and transportation.

The scale used to work together is not greater than the strain 1.6MPa, transportation drinking water, subsistence drinking water, warm water and the temperature was less than 135 ┃ substantial temperature water pipes using thin wall stainless steel pipes, others like water, air, medical gas may also refer to utilize such pipeline.

Reference scale

Provisions within the following scale, through reference in this scale, constitute provisions of scale. The scale is printed, the editions indicated were valid. All scales will be revised; the parties must use the scale of the most recent version using the following scale could be off. 

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GB/T222-1984 steel sampling of samples for chemical analysis and chemical composition of finished products guarantee deviation:-

  • GB/T223 steel and metal chemical analysis method
  • GB/T228-1987 metal tensile test
  • GB/T241-1990 metal tubing hydraulic pressure test
  • GB/T242-1997 Evaluation methods for expanding metal tubes
  • GB/T244-1997 metal tubing bending test method
  • GB/T246-1997 metal tube flattening test methods
  • GB/T6397-1986 metal tensile test specimen
  • GB/T7735-1995 steel eddy current inspection procedure
  • GB/T12771-2000 Welded stainless steel capillary pipe conveying fluid
  • Drinking Water Shipping GB/T17219-1998 subsistence materials, equipment, and protective security evaluation scale
  • YB/T5090-1993 stainless steel hot-rolled steel strip

On March 23, in the pipeline fittings by standardization technical committee of stainless steel tubing and organization of thin-walled tube criteria construction work seminar, Chinese design institute of specialists representing and semi-stainless steel manufacturer of GB/T91228.1″stainless steel tubing, the Viega profit-press GB/T91228.2 connected with the stainless steel and stainless steel tubing and GB/T91228.3″ .

Stainless steel pipe with 0 Viega profit-press seal ring “three national standards are discussed, and the associated standard revision consensus: placed on the market today more than 12 stainless steel pipe diameter string for two basic standard dimensions, and the pipe wall thickness to get basic measurements.

The new standards will govern the Viega profit-press fitting significance, unified viega profi-press pipe dimensions, and the secret to the future of metal materials (for example, different carbon steel, copper and stainless steel) from the use of this viega profi-press fittings to supply a unified pipe diameter.