Step-Up Workshop Gallery

Knitting Time has been quite a journey. We have just finished a series of five wonderful workshops working with a group of artists from the Step Up programme at Pallant House Gallery, Chichester.

We’ve shared a lot of fun and skills as well as opening up to talking about different experiences and emotions on theme of ‘loss’. I’d like to thank everyone for taking part so fully and for being so articulate through the process of making artwork about things that are so often difficult to talk about at the best of times.We’ve had some fantastic conversations; and there has been some heartfelt connection through the time we’ve spent together. If there is one thing that has been affirmed it is the need to commemorate the passing of life and our thoughts and feelings on what it means to be alive.

I want to thank Mandie Saw for helping facilitate, Mary for sharing her textile skills and Joseph Young for recording the stories that underpin the artworks we created.

The work will be part of the Knitting Time exhibition at Pallant House Gallery from 8 October – 3 November 2013






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