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Different Types of Cables

There are different types of cables used in industries, each with its unique properties and functions. Some of them are used for networking, while others are used for communication and power transmission. Each type corresponds to its needs in terms of its components and the efficiency.

Below are some types of cables that are frequently used.

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1. Aluminum Cables

These cables are used for high electrical conductivity. They are light weight, ductile and non-magnetic and hence are used for heavy-duty applications. They can also easily be recycled and reflects heat. 

2. Copper Cables

Copper cables are frequently used as electrical cables. These cables are used in various segments of industries like mining, electronics, telecommunication and transportation. In industries cable pulling trailer or similar equipment is used for moving and transporting them. In the telecommunication industry, they are referred to as telecommunication cables. Some of the popular qualities of copper cables are that they are light in weight, ductile and flexible. They are also often used in integrated circuits, electromagnets, electrical switches, microwaves, etc.

3. Industrial Cables

These cables are specifically designed to survive extreme temperatures. They are usually used in oil refineries, pharmaceutical companies, and aviation and chemical plants. This is because industrial cables are resistant to chemicals, grease, oils and flames. Some types of industrial cables that are frequently used in different industries and manufacturing sites. Some examples of these are Armored Shielded Instrumentation Cables, Coaxial Cables, Control Cables and several other power cables.

These are the basic types of cables that are used for communication, power transmission and networking.