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Different Ways To Eat Avocado!


I love avocado because it is a fruit that contains healthy fats.  There are many different kinds of avocado but the most common you will see at the store is Hass, which is most commonly grown in Southern California.  The most common thing we make with avocados is guacamole however there are so many other options to incorporate them into our diet.  
I love, love, love avocado toast.  Such a wonderful, simple quick snack you can make that fills you up.  If you are gluten free you can always find a gluten free bread to use.  After toasting I top it with avocado slices and then add a little salt and pepper.  You can also add sliced tomatoes and even drizzle it with a little extra virgin olive oil.  So yummy!  Another great way to incorporate avocado into you diet is by adding it to a smoothie.  One of my favorite smoothies is with avocado, kale, banana, ginger honey and water or coconut water.  You can always substitute the another green like spinach if you are not a fan of kale.  
Eggs and avocado is one of my favorite foods that I eat for breakfast or lunch.  You can also mix it up and add other items like red onions, summer squash or zucchini.  Adding avocado into salads is another wonderful way to incorporate it into your food.  Just remember if you are making a large salad add the avocado to your individual plate.  Avocado will turn brown after being sliced open.  A little trick I have is to leave the seed in one half and cover with foil and put in the fridge.  You can also drizzle a little lime or lemon on it to help keep it green.  
If you have questions about avocado's and how they should be incorporated into your diet talk to you local nutritionist like  San Deigo Chiropractor, Dr. Henry Wong.  Him and other San Diego Chiropractors are working hard to educate people on the importance of wellness, health and nutrition.