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Why People Choose Egg Donation

Women whose own eggs do not result in a viable pregnancy go for this treatment. There are various reasons why a woman's eggs cannot be used:

Premature ovarian failure is a major cause in which women stop producing eggs at an early age. There are cases where women go into early menopause in their early 20s. You can also know more about the egg donation process by clicking at www.eggdonationsouthafrica.co.za

Women who suffer from premature ovarian failure are no longer able to produce healthy eggs that can lead to pregnancy. Some women are born without ovaries; in this case, the only possibility of having a baby is through egg donation.

Women who go through chemotherapy or radiotherapy and the ovaries may have been damaged by treatments may also need this procedure. Women who produce eggs but have a genetic disease can also choose to donate eggs to make sure children are healthy.

The use of donated egg resulted in highly improved pregnancy rates in the region of 75% – 80%. This is due to the egg donor’s proven fertility.

Egg donors go through a rigorous screening to ensure that the egg donation will be successful. Most egg donors are under the age of 30 with proven ovarian reserve. They also check for genetic diseases and perform psychological examinations.

With a big improvement in the success rate, egg donation has become a great hope for couples who wish to have a baby in which women could not conceive.