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Top 6 Ultimate Destinations for your European Skiing Vacation

Have you have had enough of the daily struggle through traffic jams and crowded trains? You have been saving all year and now its time to book that vacation. If you regularly take trips to the sun, maybe you are thinking of something a little different. A great way to get away with the family and partake in an activity together. The skiing holiday. Skiing levels the playing field for beginners. No longer is a dad the champion. Now he is upstaged by his small children who have a natural ability to stay on their feet in the most slippery situations. Also, a fantastic chance for the ladies to don the latest winter gear and look elegant, as they barrel head over heels down the hill. You can check this site to get more information about it.

I would always recommend booking your vacation through a high-class provider such as Ski Armadillo or another professional company.

Here are my top 6 destinations for your skiing holiday in Europe.


Situated in the French Alps, Courchevel is one of the most famous ski resorts in the world. Over 500kms of slopes leave you spoiled for choice. You will find high-class accommodation and 100 restaurants to satisfy your hunger.

Val Thorens

Take it easy as you climb to the Val Thorens resort, as it is the highest in Europe. Slopes are right on your doorstep here. You could even have a go at snow biking or enjoy the open-air live music.

Val d’isere

The 1992 Winter Olympics took place in Val d’isere and that speaks volumes about the quality of the resort.  You will find over 300kms of ski slopes and nearly a hundred ski lifts on which dad can show off, and probably humiliate himself.


Set in the Swiss Alps, Zermatt offers over 240kms of ski slopes. Here you can view the Matterhorn and appreciate the bravery of those who have dared to take it on. There is great eating at Zermatt along with plenty of apres-ski entertainments.


Airports can be found within two hours of Andermatt, Switzerland, so maybe a weekend break could be possible here. A highly popular resort for the snowboard fans, as well as traditional skiing. Andermatt may not have as much to offer the beginner as some of the other resorts.


Another great town in Switzerland, Verbier, offers over 400kms of slopes. First-class hospitality abounds in hotels and restaurants. You will find excellent ski tuition for novice or expert. Why not try to book your rental skis and lift pass with your agent before you arrive?

St Anton

Travel to Austria to see the picturesque region of St Anton. Numerous cable cars and over 300kms of slopes will take your breath away. As with all of the other resorts, you will find graded slopes for beginner, intermediate, and advanced. If you are very brave, there are plenty of off-piste routes to take. However, this is for the more experienced members of the family.

As you can see, a skiing holiday has something for everyone. When you come home you will be able to regale your friends with high-speed adventures. Risking life and limb on your own, world record-breaking, attempt to become the first person to break the sound barrier on skis.

Always remember though, to hide those bruises.