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Ford Mustang: A Look Back

Mustang History

If there is a car that can be said to be a classic part of America, it is the Ford Mustang. This vehicle has remained popular for decades. Born out of the need to compete with rival company models and to increase slack sales, Mustang's success is due to the right combination of media skills, great entrepreneurship, and marketing brilliance. Get to know more about ford mustang 0-60 via visiting 0-60specs.com/ford/.

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In 1964, the Ford Company declined. Although it has experienced good sales with the Falcon model in the past years, Chevrolet has succeeded in sales due to the development of Corvair Monza. Ford wants answers to the character and style of Chevy, which is the main feature of its sales.

In stepping Lee Iacocca, with the idea to make cars that can be designed by people. While his idea was initially rejected, he finally spoke of management to leave and soon the design was underway. To reduce development costs, the Mustang uses many parts that were originally included in other car models, especially the drivetrain found at Fairlane and Falcon. It comes in a two-seat model, coupe or convertible.


The launch of the Mustang by Ford involved a very detailed advertising campaign. Ford debuted the Mustang at the World Exhibition in New York on April 17, 1964. Two days later, the car was advertised on all three American television networks. This campaign is one of the most successful launches in American history, with more than one million Mustangs sold in the first year and a half on the market.

A significant piece of Mustang sales is that it is made to order. That is, the buyer has a very large list of options that they can choose on the car for themselves. Some options include power steering, power train combination, air conditioning, and high-performance engine. It was the first car to include so many different options for buyers, and the strategy was profitable for manufacturers and dealers.