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People You’ll Meet in Hostels


In a hostel, you will meet a plethora of people that are interesting to downright weird. However, they are a lot of fun. It’s not necessary to be friends with them but still it’s nice to know what kind of people you will run it to. 

The Hippie – Hostels are known to be minimalistic, which attracts a lot of hippie travellers. So, you are sure to run into one of them the next time you are staying in a hostel. 

The Musician – You will find one person with an acoustic guitar sitting in the common room serenading the coward's present. These people are fun to hang out with and are always ready with a tune to entertain. 

The Complainer – There is always one person complaining about the facilities. The hostel staff are always steering clear of such people, as they are never happy with the arrangements. 

Mystery Guest – This guest disappears for the whole day, and returns back in the night. Barely talks to anyone, and there is always an aura of mystery about them.  If you get a creepy vibe from the, it is better to stay away. 

Friendly People – Most people staying at hostels are young and friendly people. They are mostly nice and are willing to have a conversation or two every time you bump into them. You can comfortably hang out with such people.  

There are many beautiful and wonderful people that you will run into a hostel. You can make friends with such people, but do be open the alert and safety precautions if you are hanging out or travelling with them. You can meet people and have a safe stay at good Thailand hostels