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Learn How Orthodontics Helps Improve The Appearance And Function Of Teeth

The teeth are one of the strongest parts of the body. Therefore, taking good care of them is crucial to ensure they remain in excellent condition. If your teeth or those of your child are crowded, crooked or misaligned, you can seek the services of an orthodontist. A dentist who practices orthodontics in South Miami FL can help with the alignment and improvement of such teeth.

Orthodontics is a dental specialty that focuses on diagnosing and treating dental deformities and irregularity in the relationship between the upper and lower jaw. This branch of dentistry treats malocclusion, which is a condition where the teeth are improperly positioned when one has closed his or her mouth, resulting in an improper bite.

An orthodontist can carry out work that aims to achieve several things, including straightening crooked teeth, closing wide gaps, improving chewing ability or speech, treating an improper bite and preventing continuing trauma or wear of the teeth. Orthodontic treatment can be cosmetic to enhance the appearance of a person, but it usually aims to improve oral function, leading to better speech and chewing function and helping protect the teeth from decay or damage, sometimes. Orthodontists use several dental devices to attain these goals, including plates, headgear, and braces.

When you consult with an orthodontist, you can expect to have a great smile. The professional can work on ensuring that your teeth and jaws work in a coordinated way so you can chew, bite and speak comfortably. This dentist also has the experience and skills required to realign your jaws and teeth so they work well with your facial muscles.

A competent orthodontist knows the importance of having a good bite. The specialist can act on this belief to make sure that the positioning of all your teeth, lower and upper jaws, gums, and facial muscles is done in a manner that promotes optimal performance. After achieving this, you can enjoy the ability if bite, chew and speak properly.

An orthodontist can diagnose your condition and then prescribe a solution that is tailored to address the issue. He or she can help you choose the right braces and install them properly. You can have peace of mind knowing that this dental specialist can handle the job professionally. Selecting and installing the right braces is vital for ensuring that you achieve the desired outcome.

The dental specialist will also monitor your progress closely after installing the dental devices to ensure the best outcome. People of any age can benefit from consulting with this professional. However, it is advisable for children to see an orthodontist before they attain the age of seven, even if they do not have problems. The reason for this is that the jaws are still developing and catching issues early is better.

Orthodontists customize treatment for their patients and the treatment often lasts between one and three years. To find a good orthodontist, it is essential to get recommendations from family and friends and then interview several orthodontists. Consider the personalities, fees, and qualifications of the dental specialists to determine which one is the best match for you. Most orthodontists offer a low cost or free consultation that can let you know about the treatment cost, goals, and length.