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Lotion Gives Best Results For Dark Self-Tan

With a flurry of self-tanning products available in the market, a natural dark tan game is easier than before. Here's how anyone can achieve a beautiful looking, long-lasting dark self-tan.

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Lotion Gives Best Results For Dark Self-Tan

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Suntan products are available in various different forms – from sprays to lotions to accelerators. The user should try to choose a tanning product that he or she is most comfortable with. However, for a dark self-tan, it is advisable to use ultra-dark self-tanning lotion from a reputable company.


DHA is essentially a form of sugar that interacts with the skin tissue (dead people) that are located in the top layer of the human body. While this sugar matches with all cells, the skin begins to change its color. This change usually lasts about one week after the program.

Make the Most of the Impact of The Lotion

Self-tanning materials will not work well on skin that is rough or hard; In fact, it is only rough and streaky to appear. To get a definite tan, a luxurious moisturizer should be applied to the entire body for a week or two before applying a self-tanning cream.

Additionally, a few hours before applying the cream, a person has to use a luxurious exfoliating lotion all over the body to ensure that the skin absorbs the product evenly and more efficiently. Many companies offer excellent lotion and exfoliation products that the consumer can employ.

Keep in mind, exfoliation should be accomplished using a generous coating of moisturizer throughout the body. The lotion should then be completely absorbed into the skin (which may require a few hours).

How to get a natural look when using a natural self-tan

When using a tanning solution, a person does not have to attempt to spread it on areas of the body that are not exposed to any pure sunlight, for example, downwards, toes, and hands. Distance between, palms of hands, and area behind the ear.

Additionally, components that have naturally rough skin (such as elbows and knees) should be treated with normal maintenance, with half the amount of normal lotion and that too after careful removal.

Places that have a tendency to break perspiration, such as underarms and arm cracks, also need to be treated carefully, so that black spots and stripes can be cleaned. And finally, the most sensitive area – the wrist – can wind up with stripes as individuals, without recognizing it, use generous amounts of tanning lotion in such areas.