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Benefits to Learn Quran Online

The Quran which literally means "reading" the holy book is considered as one of the best actions that can be done by every Muslim. Reading the Quran can fill our minds with knowledge, influence us, instill feelings of freshness and bring positive energy and blessings from Allah SWT to us.

Thus, it is said that in spite of busy schedules and busy lives, a Muslim must take the time to read God's own words!! There is no news for anyone that the Koran is packed with lots of information about all subjects that are very useful for us in this world and beyond. If you are looking to learn Quran with tajweed then you are at right place.

We are accustomed to reading books that present information, ideas, and arguments systematically and logically. So, when we begin to study the Koran, we hope that this book will also revolve around a definite subject that the subject of this book will be clearly defined at the beginning and then will be neatly divided into sections and chapters after discussion will continue in a logical sequence.

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We also expect separate and systematic teaching and guidance arrangements for each aspect of human life.

So, every Muslim needs to learn the Quran to know about the five pillars of Islam. Which one?

1. 'Shahadah' Believe and say the words

'There is no god but Allah, Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah'

2. Praying 'prayer or prayer' every day

3. 'Zakat' donates money

4. Fastin 'Sawm' during Ramadan

There are various sources of ethical Islamic moral teachings that establish sharia, the Road to Allah. Allah (God) determines what is right and what is good. Pathway establishes two main task areas. The Five Pillars of Islam (first field) contain obligations towards Allah (God) himself. There are five basic activities consisting of the Five Pillars by which Muslims show submission or submit to God.