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The Shocking Truth about Pallets

When it comes to making better decisions for your organization – plastic vs. wood packaging – there are important categories that invoke a specific question. The big four are listed below:

1) Fire Safety

2) Sustainability

3) Strength/Flexibility/Practicality

4) Cost/Price. If you want to purchase pallets in Sydney then you can take a look here https://www.palletsexpress.com.au.

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It has been in the news lately as there was some back and forth between the advocates on both sides of this issue, and of course, the officer caught fire in the middle along with not only the company’s pallet but also all the companies around the world that store large quantities packing in the warehouse.

One’s first reaction normally flammable timber, after all, we use it to start a fire and keep warm in our homes, campers, and even making pellets for use as fuel for the wood-burning stove.

Surprisingly, Arson Bureau and the New York State Fire Prevention and Control conducted a nonscientific test to compare the level of burning plastic and wooden pallets. Their findings suggest that “once trigger plastic pallets burn both faster and hotter than wooden pallets.

Combustion, dripping plastic of the plastic pallets are collected and burned on the bottom floor pallets contribute to the growth of the fire, sprinkler system does not effectively extinguish this fire, requiring the use of hands holds a 1 3/4 inch fire suppression line for the final settlement”.