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How to Fix a Broken Screen on an iPhone 3GS?

Cover the Screen 

The first thing you should do in case of a broken iPhone 3GS screen is to cover it with a scratch resistant film, such as the ScratchStopper for Artwizz which is specifically designed for iOS apps. This will prevent the screen from further damage as well as help you to avoid any contact with the broken glass.

Get the Parts 

You will need a new screen with adhesive to fix it in place. Buy the iPhone 3G Digitizer and front glass that comes with an adhesive kit. Purchase this yourself from a repair store instead of ordering via phone or the internet. If you want to collect the more details about the broken screen of iPhone repair then you may visit http://www.ittekniker.no/iphone-reparasjon.html online.

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Ordering will cost you about $119 on these materials whereas purchasing from a physical outlet costs almost half of this amount. Considering that official iOS repair will cost you $199, it will be better for you to avoid ordering to make substantial savings, otherwise get it repaired from the App Store itself.

You will also need to something to open your iPhone 3GS, such as a case opener. Finally, you need a screwdriver with a fine point to open the tiny screws. A number 0000 Philips head is preferable for this purpose.

Note: Since you are working with small tools on a small machine, you need to be a slow as possible in your working in order to accomplish the task without any complications.

Unbolt the Casing 

Turn off the iPhone 3GS and remove the SIM card. Now remove the 2 screws on the bottom. This will take some effort and you will also need a tool to separate the metal frame. When pulling up the screen, be as careful as possible, because it is connected with cables.

How to Choose the Best Local Computer Repair Services?

Your computer will likely require repair at some point in time. When it does, if you do not happen to have the skillset to perform the task yourself, then you will certainly require a qualified individual to accomplish the work for you. There are several computer repair companies available in your country; however, there are advantages to locating a PC technician near to you.

Many home-based computer users and organizations require immediate access to PC repair services locally. Although there are several advantages of getting your computer mended through a local service person, you will need to consider certain aspects of selecting the best local computer repair service. You can also collect more information by checking www.ittekniker.no online about the best local computer repair services.

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Determine Your Repair Budget

If you are on a budget, then probably the primary factor should be to concentrate on the cost. It is crucial to select a repair service which you can afford. But if you can figure out the problem with the machine, then it is advisable to calculate the cost of repair so that you are not overcharged.

As with all negotiations, go in knowing what your maximum limit is so that you know when to walk away if the price is too high. This way, you can call up several shops with confidence, and one may offer a discount when they sense you're ready to move on to the next.

Research On Websites Like Craigslist

This online website is an excellent place to connect with part-time computer geeks when you're looking for the absolute lowest cost, and you have the time to verify the background of the repair professional. To locate a local PC repair service geek, simply select your state and city.