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Golovkin Vs Canelo Is The Real Deal Fight

Prior to the Golovkin and Canelo fight is the much awaited Mayweather vs Conor mega fight and apparently, fans all over the world are highly anticipating it to happen. However, Oscar De La Hoya is not that concerned about it that the Canelo vs GGG tickets will be selling less likely in the market.

While everything and everyone is on the hype for the Mayweather Conor fight that is going to happen on the 26th of August, Canelo’s promoter was encouraged by fans and people in the media about the PPV events to focus more on their fight. Oscar De La Hoya, on the other hand, went as far as making an open letter on Facebook encouraging people to watch and get excited about the Canelo-Golovkin fight and not focus more on the Mayweather-Conor fight.

Three weeks from now, the Golovkin and Canelo is going to happen and it is going to take place at Las Vegas’ T-Mobile Arena and it will be jam packed with boxing fans and the world will be watching. On that same page, with regards to ticket cost, the Mayweather-Conor fight is $25 more than Golovkin-Canelo and somehow it is a threat to the Golovkin-Canelo fight since it is going to happen after the Mayweather-Conor bout.

Oscar De La Hoya who had been to several interviews and press conferences reiterated over and over that the Gennady Golovkin and Canelo Alvarez fight is the real fight for this year and people should get excited, while the Mayweather and Conor fight is only a front act event. Although it is interesting to watch a crossover between two sports, it is a completely different feel to watch real professional boxers which are top fighters fight. The Canelo and Golovkin bout is the real entertainment and Oscar vouched that their fans all over the world will not be disappointed.