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Choosing the Perfect Wedding Coordinator

Now that the big day is approaching, perhaps you will want to enlist the help of a wedding coordinator to make your cherished day run smoothly.

Once the planning phase takes over, you might feel a little overwhelmed if you have to choose one more party favor or place card holder.

That is where the expertise of your wedding coordinator will save the day. Begin your search by asking for referrals.

When choosing your coordinator, ask questions, take notes, and remember that this is your wedding day. Wedding Planning – Miriam Avery offers a complete wedding planning and design package to a limited number of couples per year.

Most people in the business are flexible and happy to lend suggestions, but she will be willing to see that your wishes are respected. Have your budget in mind as well.

There are wonderful coordinators that will plan an elegant affair or a simple elopement, without trying to talk you into extras that end up being an added cost.

A good wedding coordinator will work with other professionals you have booked to ensure that your wedding day runs like clockwork.

She should also prepare and send a timeline of your rehearsal and wedding day to the photographer, caterer, florist, or any professional involved in your wedding up to a week in advance. This will provide confirmation that everyone will be at the right place at the right time.

This will be a blessing to you and to your family, as well as the professionals involved. She will also be present or have someone from her team present throughout your celebration. If there is a problem, they are right there to see that everything flows smoothly.