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All You Should Know About Wide Format Printer

Most large-scale and small-scale enterprises are in great need of a wide-format printer to take printouts of various sizes. Printouts are made from these types of printers are larger than normal printout. If the printout is made larger, then the quality of the image or the text of the printout tends to be compromised.

However, good wide-format printers can provide you with quality prints the same as that of the small printer. With a good printer, you can take sharp and clear printing of text and images. If you are also in need of wide format printing solution then you can search online for large printers for sale at https://www.inkjetmonkey.com/large-format-printers/

Various types of technology used by the printer depending on the type of ink used. water-based inks used in this printer are composed of two types such as pigments and dyes. water or aqueous-based inks used by thermal printers. pigment ink has a dull color and the ink will not fade when exposed to UV rays.

While the dye ink having a darker color than the pigment ink, but it will fade faster than pigment inks when exposed to UV light. If you finish printouts used in the outdoors, then you have to laminate prints before using them outdoors. Wide-format printers are mainly used for commercial purposes and rarely used in the home.

You can see this printer in the design studio, engineering firms, architectural firms, and printing. The types of printers are used to print banners announcements, posters, detailed plans of the building, a large photo, military maps, and graphic designs. You can also use this printer to print images or text on things like metal, ceramic tiles, glass, and wood.