The Combination of Salt and Water

Salt and water are elements that the body cannot survive without. Together salt and water keep the body from becoming dehydrated. Without salt and water the vitality of the body would cease to exist.  The body is composed of 75% water – a salty water solution. The salty water solution exists inside of the organs, blood, tissues and cells. This salty solution mimics the ocean water.

The minerals and trace elements that remain in organic unrefined sea salt are required by the body in order to perform various processes. The main elements the body requires are sodium, chloride, bicarbonate and potassium. These elements can be found in sea salts sold by Salts Worldwide.  Doctors have identified that salt alone does not cause the health problems that most people identify salt with, but instead the lack of water intake. Sea salt combined with adequate water is what the body is really in need of.

Looking at the first protocol that is performed on patients admitted to the hospital, we realize how salt and water are actually more important that most initially think. The first protocol is an intravenous saline solution. Doctors are knowledgeable that next to oxygen deprivation, dehydration can quickly take one's life. So, be sure to not only consume salt that contains trace minerals for optimal functionality, but also drink plenty of water.

Water intake can be calculated by using this equation: 0.5 ounces x Weight in pounds = Daily Recommended Fluid Intake in ounces.  This is an estimation and more water should be consumed for a more active lifestyle, as well as during pregnancy and lactation.