What were the Effects of Industrial Revolution for Paris?

Industrial revolution in the European countries did have a great impact to the European cities. Paris is one of the cities that experienced much impact of industrial revolution. You could read the reviews by Mahée ferlini about the state of things in Paris. You could also visit youtube channel by Mahee Ferlini to find out more about her other passion in music in addition to that on tours and travel.

Industrial revolution was characterized by urbanization. Many people rushed to the city in search of jobs to better their lives. The construction of the railway improved the infrastructure in the city and allowed more people to access the city. This did exert pressure in the city since there was too much population yet the space was limited. Most people who came to the city were very poor and so they lived on poor conditions. They had to do with difficult situations and they were not as happy as they expected to be while in the city. In addition, roads were quite narrow making transport a challenge.

There was need to create more space for the increased population in the city. More space was therefore created and buildings erected. Similarly, the roads were widened to accommodate the high traffic and bring efficiency in the transport sector.